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It's as simple as that — drive traffic to the JBIT MedPro and Boost websites, and earn up to a 37.5% commission for every sale you refer on our tiered affiliate system! We make it easy by providing links and banners to embed in your website, blog, social media campaigns or email blasts. Best of all, there is NO cap on the amount you can earn.





Developed by NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender, the JBIT MedPro is an unparalleled device designed to complement rehabilitation and fitness routines by providing relief of chronic pain and increasing mobility.


Boost Rehab + Fitness

Designed exclusively for the JBIT MedPro, Boost is an affordable online rehabilitation program — conducted by Dr. Frank Klene — that delivers three professionally-led sessions each week to help strengthen the core and upper and lower extremity muscles, resulting in relief of shoulder, back, hip and knee pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I advertise your products?

You can embed our links and banners on your website or blog, in social media campaigns, or in email blasts to your subscribers. You'll be happy to know that our cookie duration is a generous 90 days.


How do I get started?

Click APPLY NOW. Once your affiliate status has been approved, you'll be able to access materials and begin promoting the JBIT MedPro and Boost program.


Can I recruit affiliates to earn more money?

Yes! We encourage you to recruit qualified affiliates. If you recruit an affiliate by using your affiliate recruitment link, you will earn a 20% commission on that affiliate's total earnings, and you can access reports to see their income earned.


How will I be paid?

Sales are traced and recorded using a built-in tracking system. You can access reports at anytime through your Boost Affiliate Dashboard. All affiliates are required to enter their bank account information, as we disburse commission payments via this platform. Commissions are deposited on a weekly schedule each time your balance reaches a $500 threshold.

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